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About 27 years into their marriage, Andy and Jennifer Smith experienced their first deep, dark CRASH STORY in their marriage. Andy walked out of the door with great emotion saying, "You never wanted to be with me anyway!" At that point, Jennifer thought their marriage might end due to the two "D" words - Divorce or Death.

Divorce might happen because of the disconnection in their marriage which had subtly snuck up through the years. Death because maybe Andy would act out on those suicidal thoughts he had had for years due to depression. Fortunately, they are a success story. With almost 35 years of marriage, their relationship is better than it has ever been!

Our mission is to save, strengthen and heal relationships, whether that be with yourself, spouse, children, family, or even God. 

We offer "Do-it-Yourself" courses as well as private coaching and the VIP Marriage Academy. We support individuals, families and especially marriages. We are certified life/marriage coaches, quantum energy healing practitioner, and addiction recovery mentors.

Our greatest joy is helping you find yours!

Check out our available courses in this Marketplace. And if you think you might need one-on-one support or know you do, send an email to support@bethetrueu.com and a member of our staff will reach out to you.

Available Products

The True Divine You Course

Identity is a big deal! In fact, in 2017 identity theft cost Americans over $540 million out of pocket expenses, and it’s estimated that there is a new victim of identity theft every 2 seconds. Identity theft can be very painful! However, not knowing your divine identity or who you truly are at the core can be just as painful.

If you feel life is a struggle, not fulfilling or like you are drifting, or if you don't feel connected to others, your mission or purpose, then this course is for you! Knowing who you truly are at the core will help in achieving goals, building self-confidence, and improving relationships.

Wholeness Through Unity Course

The 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, said, "A house divided against itself cannot stand." The world sure needs UNITY and coming together with common purpose, wouldn't you agree?

A Swahili Proverb says, "Unity is strength. Division is weakness." But why is UNITY so hard to come by whether it's with self, others, or even God or your source? Can you have unity when others think and believe so differently than you do?

This course will teach you about the challenges and SOLUTIONS to greater unity within yourself, family, community, the world and even with God! 

Choice: Your Superpower

We are beings to act, not be acted upon! Our ability to choose goes way beyond the basic level of choosing good or bad and is greatly underutilized.

People get stuck in their circumstances, feel weighed down, linger in their emotional pain, and struggle in relationships, all because they are not exercising their FULL power to choose.

Learning to expand your ability to choose will give you power over things that you previously thought were beyond your control or ability to influence.

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